The diverse verdancy of Caernarfon is absolutely gorgeous. Despite my unrelenting hay fever, its scenic beauty can not be denied.


Out little bat friend is safely back outside thanks to our towels and a lot of flailing. Seph and I are now experienced bat removers. Only took half an hour.

We basically danced at it for half an hour while waving towels at it until it got tired and landed, at which point Geiszlerian gently apprehended our cute little visitor with a towel and showed them the window.


Question: How would you go about getting a bat to fly out of your bedroom window? Asking for a friend. Their totally isn’t a bat flying around my room.

Pretty much.

When critics write up Sci-Fi or Fantasy films and say “Relies too heavily on visual effects” it doesn’t half get my goat.

Because Jurassic Park would have been so much better without all of those animatronic dinosaurs wouldn’t it, you top tit. Star Wars and Star Trek would be so much better if it was filmed in someone’s mum’s garden with nerf darts instead of lasers and stuff.

By definition, these genres are set in worlds not like our own. Of course they bloody rely on effects, just like they rely on there being a camera and a script.

'Kin 'ell.

The only time anyone ever gets to use the word “Propreantepenultimate” is when they’re explaining what it means.

Fallout 4: Choose your race

It would be truly superb if the next Fallout game allowed you to select your race like the Elder Scrolls games, resulting in completely different play through experiences.

You could choose to be a human, super mutant, ghoul or a cyborg like Harkness in 3. You could even have sub categories of race like prospector or hunter etc with perks that came with each. Irradiated terrain? Guess human characters will have to travel around it, get a rad-suit or find a wealth of anti-radiation medicine. Ghouls and Super Mutants, head straight through! The NPCs would react differently depending on your chosen race too, which would alter your personal gaming experience even more.

It’s a shame Bethesda will probably not venture down that route since it would make the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games too similar and not translate as well blah blah blah but I can dream, dammit.

I just tried to edit a music video together using the only available video editor I have at present; Windows Movie Maker.

Needless to say my mood went from “Happy and creative” to “Bitter and Immensely annoyed by literally everything” within about 5 seconds.

There’s something about clocks with a constantly smooth moving second hand that make time feel like it’s going that little bit faster.